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Shared Textures
816136E4 2400
All other kongs take parts of the first kong's texture,leading to funny results.
Change rooms as another kong to use them as the base for sharing textures.

Character Model Misplacement
806138E7 0004
The first kong you are in a room gets its model replaced by other kongs after switching back and forth.

Stiff Animation Instant Actions
80613B01 000A

Displaced Animations
80613B43 00xx
54=Chunky Impersonations
5C=Assorted Krusha Minecart

More Displaced Animations
80613B4B 00xx

Mixed Animations
80613B4D 008A

More Anim Mixups
80613B53 00xx
FD=Kong Minus One
FF=Kong Plus One

Stiff Enemy Anims
80613C5D 000A
Buddy barrel kongs too.

Later past 0x80613C60 address.

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