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Originally Posted by Ambient_Malice View Post
In my experience, games that work better with Jabo are rare. (Toy Story 2 comes to mind.) It has extremely limited frame/depth buffer support, which causes no end of problems. (Mind you, Glide64's per-frame support is rather expensive.)

Also, the resolution detection problems. Traditionally, Jabo sucks for PAL games.

All that said, Jabo was a brilliant coder, and his plugin is much better than, say, Rice.
I know my opinion is somewhat based off my own experiences, but pretty sure some of these issues with z64gl happen to everyone (like F-Zero). I'm only able to play that game on mupen for some reason ;/ .

I have somewhat better luck with z64gl on Linux. Here's an example of what I have to deal with on windows .

Even in games where Z64gl has better graphics, the performance is usually significantly worse on my end and more likely to crash / freeze. Maybe it's just the particular games I play, idk ;/. If I were to play games like SM64, I'd have a field day with z64gl cause even that game looks better and has better performance on my end with z64gl.

What kind of hardware do you have btw?

The resolution detection problem is annoying I will say. As for Glide64, my main 2 issues are stability and performance. I generally don't use Glide64, if a game hardly looks any different on other plugins.
Originally Posted by naimadekar View Post
I have BSOD when run any game with this PJ64 v2.2.0.3, try other plugins but have same BSOD screen, Only can fix this when use compatibility mode Windows 7, but my OS is "windows 7x64sp1 ultimate."

I have same BSOD problems in two different PCs, same os and cpu, but other gfx cards. one have 760g Amd, and other Amd 4850HD

PJ64 work fine!

I leave my main PC dxdiag txt info in attachments, maybe can fix this in next versions. regards
Interesting. Some people will suggest installing updates, but I think this might be a good opportunity to track down bugs in the source code. I will try examining older versions of PJ64. If I or someone else is able to compile working versions of many revisions, I'd like for you to test them so that we can track down this issue.
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