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Originally Posted by ahsananees View Post
I have used project 64 and found it the best among its competitors. I need to know that is it possible to launch the emulator from command prompt with rom file passed as argument in the command so that emulator starts with that rom file. Is this feature present? Or can it be implemented? Implementing it will be quite easy i know. This feature of passing file as argument before launching emulator will really help to simplify some of programming task. Please assist.
I tried this and verified that it works. have the emulator and ROMs in the same dir and open a command prompt and navigate to the dir (or open a command prompt directly in the dir)

Now type:

project64.exe Name-of-ROM.n64

the file ending can of course be all endings an N64 ROM has, like v64, z64 and many others. I tried this using Windows 7, though.
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