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Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
if you clear your cookies are you able to reproduce at all ?
To reproduce, I cleared the cookies by logging out of the main web site, which automatically logged me off of this forum board as well. I logged back on this forum and then the main web site--without "Remember Me" checked--and got the 403 Forbidden error page.

If I stay logged off off this forum board, I can log on to the main website with "Remember Me" checked. I have never been able to log on without that option checked.

Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
should be fixed
If you're going to fix typos, there is a misspell of "forum" as "fourm" on the welcome page and "available" as "avaliable".
"Project64" is a proper noun, so "project64" is a misspell of "Project64". "eBay" is not a counterexample; it just uses camel notation to construct an artificial noun and hence is neither a proper noun nor a common noun as is a capitalized unofficial noun. If the word is artifically constructed, capitalization may not always make the first letter of that word uppercase, but you should retain consistency about capitalization. No hard feelings though--I've corrected grammar errors in my teachers' grammar books. :P Capitalization, on the other hand, pertains to spelling, actually, not grammar.

Speaking of consistency, in some of MIPS' official documentation on the main CPU instructions, they use "From" in their instruction names and "from" in other instantations of those instructions (or "Move From Coprocessor 1" in their instruction documentation while "Move from Coprocessor 1" in their alphabetical listing of all instructions). Prepositions shorter than five letters long are not capitalized in title case, so they got it right 50% of the time. OMG OFF-TOPIC1121!1

I'm more concerned about the large font size applied throughout the entire text on the welcome page. (See attached screen from before post.) If that's not a glitch it looks ugly imo; that font size is much more suitable for the "Welcome..." text than all of the informational, non-title text below it.

Originally Posted by Squall_Leonhart View Post
sometimes theres a "You are not authorised to view this resource" when logging in on the site :\
I used to frequently get that error message.

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