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Angry PJ64 1.6 Issues with Newer Plugins and Newer FAQs

Im having issues with PJ 64 v1.6 being able to recognize the new Glide64 plugin, as well as the latest version of NRage's Direct Input. Everytime I start PJ64 up after I selected Glide64, it gives me errors saying unable to find glide64.dll and glide3x.dll even though they are both in the Plugin folder. It did the same for NRage's Direct Input latest version, even though the DLL is also in the Plugins folder.

Also, the newest PJGameFAQ has 'Unable to display the webpage' all over the place and I cannot seem to fix it.

I don't see how 'reinstalling the program may fix the issue' is going to work unless I am being forced to accept the default ones that came with PJ64 1.6 bundle in the first place.