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1.7 has the extra complication of loading plugins from sub-dirs.
i realized after posting this is an OS task not for the app.. but some solution would be really useful for people.. not sure if non-admin accounts could cause moving .dlls to fail.. though we still assume full control of appdir which is whole other can of worms.

how about (on each app start)
1) make list of plugins which failed to load (if none skip rest)
2) check those plugins' dependencies
3) search for that .dll in pj64 app dir + all subdirs
4) prompt user something like "x plugin failed to load. it appears to need y.dll.
- if required .dll was found, offer to copy to appdir
- if required .dll was not found, just tell user y.dll needed. could even send it to google with default browser
5) prompt user e.g. "restart app to initialise new plugins"

its kinda nasty, but anyone got better ideas?
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