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Thanks for the help, I figured it might have something to do with my vastly changing IP's. But really, whetever works. It most likely wouldn't have been an issue until I got home and was connected to the internet constantly. As it is, the original account and all the playing I've been doing the past two years was on an older, XP computer (that I still have and use back home). I got this laptop (with Vista) for the trip out here to the desert as well as for general use back home, so I don't know if running PJ64 off both is what's affecting it.

I'm grabbing several older betas and the last stable version as I type, so I should find one that runs JFG well enough to play through. It seems to happen with a couple Rare games anyways. I get several app-crashing graphics errors in Diddy Kong Racing (usually in the intros for both Wizpig races and the ending movie), but they're not reliably repeatable, and I was able to work around them.

Did I say SE Asia? I meant SW Asia. Force of habit; I'm more used to going to Kadena which is in SE Asia, obviously.
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