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Yea we need to track these (unfortunately), not to worry so much about this one in particular but as you point out we have to get in the habit of doing this on a regular basis like we use to years back.

I tend to hate tracking bugs in PJ because there just a huge amount of visual defects in various games, and if we tracked them all it would add up to hundreds, like we had in the old bug tracker I believe. But we have to start somewhere!

We just have to be careful how we rank the relative priority of issues that's all I ask, like I would rank this as low because its just a visual annoyance. Additionally let's try to make sure we qualify anything we put in the tracker, as it is the definitive record of what bugs exist along with a set of well qualified information on what the bug is. Let's leave discussion to the forums.

Mudlord obviously carries a bit of weight compared to others; so this is naturally well qualified. Hope this sounds reasonable and not douchey!

If someone posts a reasonable defect we should get in the habit of talking about it here, and correlating it to a ticket so everyone doesn't have to ask what the status of XYZ is as well. And I'm pleading with people who want to post defects to please for the love of god post screenshots, I don't know how to play all these fregen Pokemon and Japanese games!

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