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Default Project Link: dsx and friends' Video Project

Project Link is Shoebox Developments' first attempt at a cinematic, machinima-style feature-length movie. It will chronicle Link's adventure through Hyrule with a new twist. Various promotional videos will be released once a month, and the movie is currently being scripted! The goal is to be as professional as possible; the script is currently a fully-fledged, detailed 60+ page document, and the soundtrack will be entirely self-produced with physical instruments.

Promotional videos featuring detailed video editing will be released every month, such as funny music videos, and videos showcasing some enhancements we've made to the look of the game.

Custom camera angles and movement outside of Ocarina of Time's regular cutscenes and gameplay are used.

Check out some of the material we've been working on at: ShoeboxDevelopments - YouTube well as the small gallery on our website!

Website (WIP): Project Link Official Site - Ocarina of Time Machinima
Facebook page:

Thanks to anyone who follows the project
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