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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
Only problem is that the location of the 16-bit checksum is different when saved/accessed by the Japanese Zelda Majora's Mask than the USA/PAL release.
Has anyone been able to convert between JP and US/PAL saves? I've been trying to do a JP -> US conversion without luck so far.

I've done the following:
- Use zs to change the name so that valid characters are used for the US/PAL versions
- Copied 8kb block from the start of the JP save to a US save file (of the same endianess)
- Duplicated that 8kb at 0x2000 to complete save slot 0 (File 1)
- Run zs to update the checksum

The end result is always that File 1 appears as unused. File 2 always shows up fine, so I know the .fla endianess is correct in PJ64.

Any help would be appreciated.

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