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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
If it's not working, can I have a sample .fla save file that you are using and see if I can get it to work myself? Maybe there is some detail I accidentally left unchecked in the editor.
Thank you very much for the very detailed response.

The first thing I tried (and forgot to mention) was just copying the save to ZELDA MAJORA'S MASK.fla, swapping endianess, and doing a CRC fix. I just tried it again since you mentioned it, but it's not working.

For reference, I am working with saves from carts. ED64-Saveswap.exe as well as my own swapping tool both have the same output with the several games I've tested, and all of the saves work in emulators.

I've attached the unmodified cart save and renamed the .fla for use with the US version of the game.

I very much hope that you'll have more success with this save file than I did. My old US cart save was lost several years ago, so getting my old JP cart save converted would be the next best thing.

Thanks again.
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