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Aha! Got it working. Sorry about the wait.

One problem here may or may not have been that you were using the latest built version of my save editor that I had released a binary download for, but there was an issue someone reported with VC save files that I committed a fix to since the time I did the binary release. (If you compiled my utility from the latest source, then this does not apply and should be disregarded.)

That aside, I found that your save file wasn't even loading on the Japanese version of Zelda MM (never mind the US or PAL versions) to begin with, after using my save editor to change the byte order from N64-native to 32-bit LE. It seems to have been a long time since I've actually tested updating the checksum correctly for JP saves, so I as of tonight (well this morning since it's 2:30 AM here) have committed a couple fixes to the save editor.

In the process, I added a -J (true/false) switch that tells the save editor whether you want to format the resulting save file to be loadable with ROM versions using the old save format (JP 1.0, JP 1.1) or the new save format (US, PAL 1.x, JP collector's edition / GC Version, and everything else) that supports owl-statue-saving.

So here's how I got your attached .fla file to work (I renamed your fla to "zelda.fla" to keep my typing down):
# All in one command:
zs zelda.fla -J true "-=" 3

# Convert the byte order from MIPS-native endian to Project64's endianness.
zs zelda.fla "-=" 3
# Keep the checksum, Pictograph Box, etc. all accessed in the old save format.
zs zelda.fla -J true
After that I just renamed zelda.fla to what Mupen64 for Linux looks for with the US version of the game. (Note that this is different from the file name Project64 uses, so you'll have to rename this file from what I got Mupen64 to load since I don't use Project64 or Windows much these days.)

The resulting file is attached to this post.

BTW, one last thing. Your save file seems to have a Pictograph Box snapshot stored to it. This suggests you did not save your game using the Song of Time previously (nor did you use an owl statue since the JP versions don't support saving by owl statue). It doesn't look like you saved the game by beating the final boss either (acts as if you played the Song of Time) since you don't even have Twinmold's remains, so either you used cheats to beat the final boss or you did indeed save using the Song of Time and I must be missing something, because whenever I do that it always wipes the Pictograph Box frame buffer image data.

Anyway the point is, the Pictograph Box picture can't be converted out of your JP save into a US/PAL one due to the different file format (unless I manually construct an owl statue save out of it, in which case then you have space to store it), so I just extracted it from your save file and uploaded it here :
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