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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
Aha! Got it working.
Hi! That's great news. Thank you very much for your help with this.

I tested the save, and while it shows up and the game starts there are some problems right away such as my sword not working. Please take a look at the attached screenshots (JP ROM with the original save on the left, US ROM with the converted save on the right).

Aside from the serious inventory problem, I found that changing the name using zs before using the converted save doesn't work. The game is apparently loading the backup save on the first load, so I assume it isn't seeing the main save data as valid after the conversion. If I wait to change the name after the game has overwritten the main data with the backup the name is changed successfully. The inventory is corrupt either way though.

A few details for reference related to various points in your post:
- I was using my own build from the latest source (before your new updates in the past day of course)
- Swapping endianess was done as necessary and I had been fully able to use the save with the JP ROM in PJ64.
- I didn't beat the final boss in that save.
- There was definitely no cheating going on.
- I'm happy to see the Deku guy's picture again

I haven't looked at the updated source yet, but I'm guessing that the new -J option is doing more than just setting "is_old_JAP" to TRUE. Over 7,000 bytes are different between the save you attached and the one produced by using a build from the now-old source with that flag set.

Thanks again for your help with this. Hopefully the inventory problem can be solved without too much trouble.
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