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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
Also, I don't know for 100% sure that Link's game name and the Masks subscreen (Items too with certain bottled items, but Song of Time saves don't preserve those) are the only 2 things you'd need to implement in your automation of the JP-to-US conversion. They happen to be the only 2 things I've ever known about to be different in a JP ROM, but maybe in your testing you'll happen upon others. That's probably part of why I was too lazy to attempt a preliminary implementation of automating the save file conversion.
I just plan to add a old -> new conversion option that fixes items/masks using what you've documented. I'm not worried about if a few behind-the-scenes things have been missed since I won't conceivably ever notice.

I don't intent to try to automatically detect the save type for conversion. I know where my saves are from and where they're going.

Thank you again for all of your time and help.
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