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Hey thanks for the patch buckchow, sorry I have not read this forum for so long to see you did one.

Just took a look at it and uploaded it to something more viewable you can find on GitHub. I'll decide what to do with it when I have time. Also anyone else feel free to submit patches or recommendations, if possible on GitHub. I'm much easier to reach there or on IRC--personally would not recommend a Discord server but to each their own.

I've taken an interest in the 3DS re-make of Zelda MM but have yet to investigate the save format.

Originally Posted by Crash_ View Post
God damn, you never get bored of this.
Dude! Long time no see. Ordinarily I would say sorry to see that you are homeless now, except that as someone who voluntarily went homeless and started his life over from scratch...I can personally vouch for the ability to become extremely resourceful. I hope you experience what is needed to turn things around.

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