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Not a fan of vBulletin, but if you need to use it to discuss the plugin, I can still check EmuTalk. Just driving by here to address a patch to my save editor I missed for months, sorry for the delay. Probably should find a way to delete this thread or have some moderator do it.

Originally Posted by fallaha56 View Post
hi, thanks for posting on the other forum but on Win10 the download comes up as a virus and is blocked...
You'd have to run that by whoever is in charge of the anti-virus industry; I have no idea who entertains that business.

Back when I used to run a Microsoft system and believed in anti-virus I vaguely seem to recall an installer for Mupen64 being blocked by an AV on Windows Vista...think it was McAfee that was put onto my system at the time. Fiddled around with the executable in a hex editor to replace the name "Hacktarux" with something else in the emu about page, then the AV stopped blocking it. So evidently didn't like seeing the word "hack" ??

I couldn't begin to predict what AVs might do. If I had access to your system fallaha, I'd diagnose it out of curiosity and see what's causing the AV blockage there, but I don't have access and that's far away in another lifetime for me now.

Otherwise my hunch is, if you were able to compile it and build it and not have the AV complain, maybe it doesn't like the newer beta version of GNU linker I used to build the DLL on Windows, maybe I'm trying to purposely infect everyone with a virus who lazily downloads binaries instead of compiling from source...bottom line is I can't control what you all or your anti-virus programs think.

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