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FWIW I seem to recall trying to cram everything in one night (bad habit of that...) and ready both the RSP and angrylion RDP fork plugins for release in one night.

When I released the RSP on EmuTalk it was because I ran out of time and finished tweaking the Windows build of the RDP the day after. Was ready to release the RDP on the next day in response to any observations about the RSP plugin and to avoid double-posting. Ironic thing is nobody ever commented on the current release of my RSP on EmuTalk, so I never got to update the RDP thread on EmuTalk with my current GL fork of angrylion's plugin with all the newer commits merged. I assume that's not a let-down for anyone with that multi-thread thing out there though, though I personally haven't tried it yet since it uses M64+ spec, not zilmar spec.
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