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There is a long story that comes with that, but let's just say that all the non-standard C code and WIN32-isms (like DWORD, HWND etc.) in zilmar's specifications got people native to UNIXes a little confused while trying to properly translate into standard code.

Mupen64Plus eventually gave up and made up their own spec because while the 32-bit translation by Hacktarux worked dandy, it was still technically not ABI-identical, and further issues arose with 64-bit plugins. AFAICT I am the only person to have accurately and successfully translated zilmar's spec into a standard-C-code-only, 64-bit-compatible platform-agnostic API. If I'm correct, then the idea wasn't popular enough for others besides me to have targeted it, so it's no surprise that GLideN64 or the angrylion multi-thread thing don't know what else to do for 64-bit non-Windows than to rely on Mupen64Plus' spec.
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