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Well,give me some time to think... *me being a douche*

I think there is one called PJ64 that can run the game in near perfection with proper animations and full collisions. *stilll being a douche*

The only issue is the same one all emulators have with the stretchy model glitches. *douchiness has expired*
PJ64 never gets the dreaded warp glitch from climbing trees or swinging on a vine.
I can live without the pause graphics by disabling "read every frame" on Glide64 for a speed boost,while the banana ports properly show translucency before stepped on regardless of that setting.

I can't try that version of Mupen until Sunday.

Edit:Ice Mario already found a level modifier for conker!

Strange thing,his part is 810BE7FF which also happens to be invalid because of the odd number with 81.
It should be 800BE7FF instead.

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