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Just thought i'd post this even though the original model code is not made by me,but they neglected 8009CDD0 since that is also a Conker model.

These are all models of Conker in each quality, 04 model looks ridiculously cheap.

HD Conker On N64 (concept?)
8009CDD1 0000
8109CDD2 0000
8009CDD4 0000
Makes Conker always use his highest quality character model.
At least the normal Conker anyway.

Conker Is Final Boss Suit Model
8109CDD0 8282
8109CDD2 8282
8009CDD4 0082
Still acts like normal Conker with Tail Flight.

SCIENTISTS!!! Fix the storm problem so I no longer have to waste most of/an entire day (not attempting to find codes) because of them!

Matrix Conker
8109CDD0 9696
8109CDD2 9696
8009CDD4 0096
It even disables your tail flight!

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