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Default A few new GameShark codes

Diddy Kong Racing (U) (Rev A)

Can Enter Races With Zero Balloons
8103C118 2400

Can't Get Powerup Balloons
810561C0 2400

Disable Horn Sound Effect In Races
81056174 1000

Infinite Blue Balloons Upon Pickup
810564EC 2400

Infinite Red Balloon Item Usage
81056958 2400

Powered Up Balloons
8103E3A8 2400
Note: Once you powerup a weapon/turbo, the next time you get a balloon it keeps the same level of powerup.

Powered Up Balloons v2
8103E37C 2400
8103E38C 2400
Note: Getting a balloon will automatically start you with a powered up version of it, and you keep the same level of powerup (or greater) after use/pickup of another.

Red Balloons Give ? Modifier
0:Heat Seeking Missile
2:Land Mine
3:Oil Slick
4:Blue Balloon Effect
Note: The powerup icon will show the default item usually given.

Red Balloons Give Blue Balloon Effect Instead
8103E370 2400

Two Powerups Needed For Max (Instead Of 3)
8003E39F 0002

Resident Evil 2 (U) (Rev A)

Have 2 Extra Inventory Slots Open
8108B904 2400

Hit Anywhere (Bullets)
8105AEAC 2400

Infinite Ammo
8108C39C 2400

Infinite Health
81059E28 2400

Infinite Health Cheat Enabled
810559C4 2400

Infinite Ink Ribbon Usage
8117D9A2 0000

Infinite Item Usage
8108C940 2400
Note: Tested with ammo in the character's inventory screen (third slot). After reloading the gun, instead of the ammo box disappearing from inventory, you gained lots more. Do NOT use with the code "Use Items Without Having Them".

Item Amount Doesn't Decrease After Combining
8108E968 2400
Note: Tested with Hand Gun Bullets in slot 3 and in slot 4, combined with the handgun (in slot 1); works on both characters.

Leon Can Open Desks Without The Small Key
810746F8 2400

One Hit Kills
8105B2F4 2400
Note: Sometimes zombies play dead on the ground still, and will need another shot.

Use Items Without Having Them*
8108C53C 1000
Note: You can save without having Ink Ribbons, open doors without keys etc. Basically affects all items that needs to be in your inventory.

Items that it does not affect are ones that you have to manually click on "use" in the inventory screen, such as film or the 'cord' item to fix the broken electric panel to close the window shutters.
More examples of items the code will not work for (because you have to manually select USE): Valve Handle, Lighter etc.

Examples of items that the code works for: Key Card, Prescient Key, special key etc.

*BUT - There is something to be careful for: Like when you start a new game, you get the key card from the dying police officer, then you use that item on the computer to unlock the doors.

After you use the item it is gone from your inventory.
Well, if you use this code, and access the computer without actually having the key card yet, the game does what it always does and removes an item from your inventory.
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