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Going by what the OP said,
I use the "undo" option for save/load. For example when you mess up and click save where you didn't need/have to. Or to undo a load state and go back to where you previously were.
Sounds to me like the problem is, saving by mistake, and needing to go back to a previous state.

Why not make a save to memory option. CTRL+S or something, that saves to memory but doesn't delete saves until the session has ended. Each time you memory save, increment the memory save. Each level of undo, can be each point the user memory saved. On end of session, it should save the last memory save to a file, to be reloaded by load previous memory save option. That way, there shouldn't be any impact on performance during play.

An auto save option would be ok too. As long as the time between saves could be adjusted by the user. It may affect performance saving too fast. I can't imagine needing less than a minute between auto saves.

Just thinking out loud......

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