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"Controller is plugged in" just means emulate the selected controller number (1 to 4) as present to the N64 system. It wouldn't pertain to your game devices or your non-keyboard controllers.

When you find no other game devices are listed are you using:
  • Jabo's DirectInput7 1.6?
  • Jabo's DirectInput 1.7.something?
  • Jabo's DirectInput7 1.6.1? (this actually would be the most up-to-date)
  • N-Rage's DirectInput?
In certain cases the latest builds of N-Rage's DirectInput (2.1 RC3 and later) may include better controller driver support, so you might have varying levels of success when using those.

Furthermore, you are trying to use an Xbox360 controller.
There actually is a specific API for using Xbox360 controllers called "XInput", and it more directly supports your controller.

Plugins which use XInput:
So for Xbox controllers you probably will have the better of success using one of those three DLLs, depending on the circumstances.

Originally Posted by colinmburnett View Post
I just installed Project 64 (2.0 rather than 2.1 since I got an "Illegal download attempt" message when trying to download 2.1) for the first time. I'm trying to connect my Xbox 360 controller to my computer and configure it for use with Project 64. It is a wireless controller but I'm using a XB360 USB cable to connect it to my computer via USB. I have downloaded the MS XB360 Accessories Status program.
Maybe we need someone to provide a zipped extractable archive for installing Project64 2.1.

I wouldn't do it myself since that could piss off Mr. zilmar, but otherwise, if memory serves the download page works/un-works/re-works. So you could have to wait for the download to work.

It's not really significant, though. Controller emulation was not changed in Project64 2.1.
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