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**When you use the camera in first person in GLideN64, the Link's hair block up part of your vision, this does not happen with the video plugin Jabo Direct3D8 v1.7.0.57-ver5, but in GLideN64 the pause Subscreen Delay was fixed not in Jabo's video plugin.
That's because Jabo's lack proper emulation of the Near Z plane, you will see this by watching carefully the intro when Navi fly under Mido and the camera wrongly shows you some portion below the ground...

Glide64Final, GlineN64 and other plugins fix this by inserting a hack routine...

Your second problem (the Subscreen Delay is easily fixable via Gameshark Codes) but Jabo's plugin is not recommended for OoT general gameplay as its Near Z plane emulation is bugged and its too distracting to watch the void every time you are close to a wall...

I like the way your project is heading, I wish I could have the time I had before (I got a very demanding full time job with leaves me with little to no time for hobbies, so all my projects and WIPS are in a permanent hiatus ), but I too researched some time ago a way to disable the unnatural culling in OoT, you may check how it is tweaked in the emulated version that runs in Dolphin, in their wiki there are posted codes that either disables the draw distance or the frustrum culling along with widescreen codes, I never had the opportunity to test and port those codes to the N64 rom because I didn't had an AoB of that memory section nor their original values because I dont own the Zelda Collector's Edition for the GameCube...
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