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Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
Lool I was wrong about ads. He recently added new ones.
It's alright. I don't really pay attention to the ads. Wasn't complaining about ads, just that I can't pull from his repository without MSE auto-deleting files from the repository I just pulled. Just kinda makes it a bit weird, that's all.

Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
So how do I update my fork to include whatever commits zilmar ads?
Requires opening Git bash console ...
um, the only methods I know of are:
git clone
cd project64
git pull
But I do the former because I'm a masochist and can't even remember whether the second one was correct/necessarily works every time anyway. You do need to use the latter git pull method however, if you've made one or more commits, and zilmar pushes something to the repo that conflicts with one of the commits you just made. Otherwise you'd have to delete your commit, git clone start over again, whatever.

Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
Waiting wouldn't be a bad idea for you, but I hope you do contribute in the future . Would be nice to support more compilers and get rid of warnings. I'm still struggling with mingw for general use.
It's not so much that I'm waiting since i'm already contributing to other things, but I'm mostly just attempting to help see some life going on here. I don't mean me contributing necessarily, just setting up a social circle to help out with this external thing which does not really relate to me, aside from me being registered on the site.

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