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Alright thanks for the information.

I managed to compile the exe with 2010 after compiling WTL, 7zip, Zlib, Common. I think the reason I struggled to even compile with 2010 was because I had it on 2013 for WTL. Newer versions of MSVC are a pain to compile WTL with I guess. Just from googling, I see many people having some of the same issues. I'm not even sure if any fork I've tried, was even able to compile PJ64.exe with 2013, but I haven't gotten around to re-testing forks I've used before. I still recommend removing Glide64 as a dependency because that thing is a pain to compile (I never managed to successfully compile it). Plus why force it to compile Glide64, when you only want to compile/debug PJ64.exe !

I agree with you that it's best to not have an all-in-one colossal repository. It was especially tricky when I first attempted compiling like a year ago. It's confusing because there are project settings inside of the RSP folder, for instance. Yet compiling won't work because it has other dependencies.
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