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Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
I think zilmar actually removed the ads from source, but I guess he didn't remove the binary stuff ;/ . Good reminder though as I recently had the same issue. I think I couldn't download with chrome browser.
Yes removed the old ad code but did not remove the binary, sorry.

Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
It's a pain to compile, but like you, I found that v2008 makefile works. I was able to convert it to 2010 and compile with that. I can't compile the exe with 2013 though. The RSP is able to compile with 2013. I'm glad I kept 2010 . Idk why, but the exe is configured to have glide64 as a dependency. I think it's better to remove the dependency.
the dependency was just if I updated the plugin and then run the binary I wanted it to build those libraries. So it is just to force the compiler to build it.

I have access to Visual studio 2013, so I should see if I can see why it breaks. I use visual studio 2008 for compiling project64.

Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
It depends how much zilmar cares about optimizing his RSP recompiler.
well technically it is jabo's compiler, I did the interrupter and the re compiler was partly based off my r4300 compiler, but most of the compiler in the RSP is jabo's work.

I mostly just focused on making the RSP interrupter as accurate as possible.

Since at the time we mostly just focused on audio though the rsp it was maybe not the most efficient re compiler. I am sure there is lots of things to make it even faster.
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