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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
zilmar can you explain the purpose of the VS2010 makefile project in the repository?
Should it just be removed or were you planning on having something complex done later for it to work?

I was trying to get it to work in the manner shown in this commit I did in a fork:

I was hoping this would fix the errors in Visual Studio did, but it just recognizes it as a project that "needs to be converted". So I go through the conversion wizard, finish the conversion, close, re-open VS2010, re-open the file I just recursively says once again that it needs to be converted even though the converted .vcxproj files are already there.

So I guess getting it to work isn't that simple. Were you planning on having the genuine .vcxproj file counterparts to your .vcproj files in the future of the repo, or do you think the availability of the MSVC 2010 project is misleading, no different than the config in the 2008 one and should just be removed?
Well, I never used the VS2010 solution. When I did, it gave me billions of errors in VS2010. So, I always used the vs2008 solution on Visual Studio 2010 and it always worked.
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