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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
I loaded your saved state on Project64

I'm using all the default plugins and the RSP recompiler.

This guy is kicking my ass man.
I keep swinging at that red robot dude but he just keeps handing my ass to me. I can't figure out these controls lol im 2 dumb

But yeah, after a few minutes of, unpredictable attacks on my end, it does SP DMA crash in PJ64 RSP...I'm looking further into that now to see what fix.
A is attack, if close enough u can do a 3x combo,
b is to dodge and duck depending on the analogue direction.
Down C Activates the AT field, and if both the Angel/enemy activates their at field and you, you should tap alternatively A and Down C this will rip through their AT field, (AT FIELD is displayed by character pic as yellow/orange if u have the ability to use it, green if u dont)
R + moving forward runs when over 100% sync rating
and A + B to do a grab

and yeah Kaworu is hard to beat. ur lucky thats on easy...

gamefaqs DOT com/n64/198127-neon-genesis-evangelion/faqs/3653

this guide can help a bit.

incase it helps, that error didnt show up till mission 11, it shows up in 12, but doesnt during the credits.
idk about the other half of mission 12 or mission 13 as easy difficulty doesnt have those parts

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