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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
So far, if I'm understanding right, the SP DMA error messages you're seeing, seem to happen pretty much when the guy kills me / all my health is drained. It's mostly a matter of time, until it does happen.

I think I've found a fix to your problem though:

Go Options::Settings... menu in pj64,
"Advanced" tab,
check "Enable debugger" box,
click OK,

Now go under the new Debugger menu in pj64, under RSP, under CPU method, change it from "Recompiler" to "Interpreter".

That should fix all your crashing I think?! However this is just a temporary solution since it makes the game run slower; we'll look into a long-term solution that isn't so slow.
when i get to level 11 on Normal and i have that issue on the clean rom ill try that.
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