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Originally Posted by Tasoulis View Post
Well nevermind, turns out that i don't need it.

The "fixed audio timing" option in previous versions of the emulator (like and older) was pretty much broken and OFF by default because it could cause other problems, like unstable VI/s. Because of this, audio crackling was very common. So you had to choose your poison, either unstable VI/s or crackling. But if you had many different plugins to test for each game, you could get away with no sound problems. Some games worked better with Azimer's, other's with Jabo but most needed Shunyuan's to be crackling free.

Now, Fixed Audio Timing seems to be working much better and doesn't cause problems, at least in the games i tested so far. That means i can almost use whatever audio plugin i want and there would be no crackling. Well, except for Top Gear Rally. No plugin can emulate the sound of this game correctly.
Shunyuan's Audio Plugin works perfectly. You need to configure it to use XAudio2 because the plugin's DirectSound driver setting doesn't work unless you make a profile for PJ64 using Creative Alchemy.

If you want 3D surround sound in a game, you have to check the "RSP audio signal" in your specific game's settings and check HLE Audio in the PJ64 Plugins tab.
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