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Unhappy Banjo-Tooie Always Freezes at Same Spot

I have been using Project 64 for a while, and have never had problems with Banjo-Tooie. Well recently, I have found that whenever I enter the Prison Compund in the Mayahem Temple level and walk about 5 feet foward, the screen freezes, but the audio keeps playing. My computer doesn't freeze, but the game's video does. I haven't went to any other levels but Mayahem Temple and everything else before it, but every other area I have gone to does not freeze but that one spot. I have tried messing with some plugin settings, but can't seem to get anywhere with it. So, at this point I have no idea what to do, and would greatly appreciate any help

I forgot to mention that when I try to move my character when the freeze is happening, I don't hear footsteps like I usually do; the music just keeps playing like usual and that is the only noise. I can also reload a save state that I made just before the freeze, and the game plays like normal until I go to that spot again.

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