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Default Extract Models and Textures ?

Hello good people !
I'm a cg artist, making a bit of modding for fun, and playing old good N64 games of my adolescence. I'm happy that PJ64 is still beeing developed and thankfull for your work.

I use Lemmy's plug-in to extract models and textures. I want to extract Extreme G2 models and i know this plug-in particulary fails on this rom.
I tried with direct x ripper but it doesn't extract the model (if you have an idea...), i think it's because it doesn't support correctly directx 8 though it's meant to do it.

Most of the time, the uv data of the output model are wrong, though it displays correctly in the emulator. I know N64 textures have special attributes (tiling, clamp, flip...) and also, are not necesseraly in power of 2. That maybe causes issues but no matter how i turn my uv, or the texture, it still doesn't look good (and i'm not a 3d noob)
I could scale the uv manually, but it would be a lot of work, and not very accurate.

This is quiet frustrating because it does display correctly so i know my graphic card has the good informations

So, do you plan to release some tools for the modder community ? A lemmy's plug-in update to extract game data nice and clean ?

Cheers !
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