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Originally Posted by theboy181 View Post
Interesting.. Thanks for explaining the inner working of your thoughts.. However, I am unsure what you are even talking about, except the jealous part.
Nah actually I am unsure of what you're talking about.

All I did was link to a commit that proves what you asked for was already implemented, and you were like, "let's not change history?"

But what can be said? You hate factual history I guess. Nothing much that can be done about that, except maybe stop being a hater.

Originally Posted by theboy181 View Post
If I had your talent I wouldn't be trolling or barging in threads that I don't do PR requests like its beneath me.
It's called having fun, and it hasn't been hurting anybody except people with attitude issues like you.

Anything playful and un-serious is just an insult to you because you want to hurry up and get some more free DLLs instead of doing anything to contribute to them yourself, like it's beneath you!

And with your talent, I think you've got better things to do than disrespecting the project, its state, its contributors, and your lord and master RPGMaster like everybody's self-serving except for you. Go out and have some fun and quit bitching that nobody's giving you all your toys.

Originally Posted by theboy181
I would be supporting the project, and giving positive posts to help the community grow.
That sounds like a noble pursuit. So does world peace, ending starvation, preventing all rape-homicides and banning public-exposing cigarette smoke.

Kiddo, your concept of what's positive, supportive, growing or helpful isn't going to change one little thing about this world past what your gimme-gimme little mind can foresee. Above all of those things is making Project64 better so you can brag about your dumb little games, and not allow any of us to play fun games with the forum, that don't hurt anyone.

Originally Posted by theboy181 View Post
I just want to remind people that you are more than welcome to support PROGRESSIONS.
Why does what you welcome warrant any bearing? Do you profit from this project? Did you cause it to happen? Do we work for you?

You're basically saying we're more than welcome to cause progress to something that benefits you. What you're not saying is that if it doesn't benefit you we're not welcome.
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