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Originally Posted by guest86 View Post
[b]I skip Vista and 7 because not fix problems on old PC games. I stick XP forever until Windows 8 or 9 fix a lot of problems go away unlike XP. I will suffer for a longest time to pick right on stable operating system like XP.

Oh and one day, Windows won't activate after a reformat. You call Microsoft and they will answer you that WinXP is not a supported OS anymore.

Way to go!

Funny how Project64 1.6 works fine on Vista & Win7 with full FPS (I have a Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz, 2GB of RAM & nVidia GeForce 8500GT). All my plugins works.

Btw, don't blame Microsoft for breaking old games. You have to blame the programmers of the game. Also, you can dual-boot with Win7 : that means you have two OS. Also, Win8 & 9 aren't gonna fix things as far as I know because there are rumors that says that Win8 will be 64-bits only. So, if your games are 16-bits, they're not gonna work anymore.

Last thing : XP NEEDS TO DIE IN A FIRE. I'm a proud user of Windows Vista & Windows 7.
To the main subject : Anywhere in the User folder. Best would be in PJ's folder but if I install myself PJ in Program Files, the saves should go in the User folder somewhere.
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