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Default Where should saves go?

When we started Project64 the operating system generally used was Windows98. We designed Project64 so that it would work in a self contained folder. We still use this design now; everything works from that one directory without needing an install. This also works great if you want to put the emulator onto a memory stick and run it from there...
With the current design of Windows (2000, XP, Vista onwards) being for multiple users and security around which users can modify files, this design of PJ64 does cause some problems. One of the problems is that limited users are not allowed to modify files in the Program Files directory. And if one user modifies settings, then this affects other users on the same system that also use this program.
Vista gets around this issues by virtual mapping writes to the program files directory, to the user directory.
So where should saves, settings, etc be stored in PJ64 v1.7 - user directory, application directory? Should we determine by the location of the .exe? Should it work differently on different OS's etc... ?? Your thoughts please.

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