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I just wanted to chime in on this topic because I feel it's pretty important here.

You should write the software in accordance with the operating system's guidelines. It should be no question. If your users are complaining about having to manage save game files then you should offer them a menu of sorts to manage those files for the user. (Something akin to import/export bookmarks in Firefox/etc.)

It really shouldn't be any question on how to handle this. The people on this forum who are talking BS about Windows--it doesn't matter in the end, this is the OS you're dealing with. And its conventions should be followed.

If developers followed the conventions of the OS, there would be far less problems than there are today.

I expect the PJ64 developers to be able to, for example, clean up their own registry mess if they indeed use it.

You could offer the option of a portability mode for those users that want that, as well. However, my assumption is that most of the time this function is overrated. Who exactly needs portability on a game emulator? Portable TOR, Firefox, IM programs--I can understand all of those to an extent. But an N64 Emulator?
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