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Default Conker BFD Counterfactor and Overclock.

Hey Everyone, excuse if this isn't the right area for this.

Just wondering if anyone has any luck with adjusting the counter factor or the overclock feature in Conker's BFD?
I've been using codes to add more bots in multiplayer etc, just wanted to help the game run a bit smoother. RetroBen ported a FPS hack which I use. and it's very good, but sometimes the sound goes a little odd when things get really busy. that and also sometimes the score, crosshairs, blood and other effects all go invisible and will toggle on and off for a while. this is probably unrelated however, I feel this problem comes from the game itself when there is too much going on.

anyway, my problem.... changing the CF or the overclock feature seems to get me crashes during most cut-scenes or dialogue. a CF of 1 will work sometimes, but it feels like a 50-50 chance of the game crashing whenever you start a game, or score with the flag... anytime it has to load any special dialogue.
If I put the overclock feature on 3 (for example) it is guaranteed crashing. I can't even get past the N64 logo intro.
if I use load states, I can get into a game and play a match fine, right up until it has to play a cut-scene.. then crash.

to be specific. the crashing is purely the N64 software. I get no error messages and load state/restart all work fine.

wondering if anyone else has anything to add about this.
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