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Post Code Or Glitch To Stop Animations From Playing

So i've looked on this forum as well as many others online and have yet to find anything on this.

using the LemD3D8.dll plugin, you can rip 3d models from a game. i need a model of banjo, and i realized that the only way to rip them is in the middle of gameplay. The issue is, animators changed scale, position, made the model non-symetrical and changed it to where its nearly impossible to reproduce the original from it.

so what i need is a cheat code or a glitch or anything to stop the animations from playing. usually the models look like a front facing character with their arms up to the sides. this is what i need, NOT the first frame of idle animation or for an animation to freeze at a certain point. sometimes during curruption videos or extreme glitch videos after being hit or falling or something like that, the model resets and it ends up being that model facing forward with arms up just gliding along the floor. i cant seem to replicate it though.

if anyone knows a way to do this, you'd be my hero at this point. thanks in advance
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