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Originally Posted by Darren View Post
I keep checking back now and then, but tho you guys have done a great job with the emulator, updates itself seem none existent.
Maybe more can be done to improve news and changes. This site needs to be redone, but I have been focused on improving things in the code over the site.

Originally Posted by Darren View Post
I think last time i re downloaded PJ64 the program itself had slight changes but that was only to put a block on the program, if i remember correctly it was something relating to a delay using it unless you paid.

The emulator itself the "core" doesnt seem to have changed, games play the same as they did many years ago, games that wouldnt play havent had any updates to the plugins to try emulate it.

you can see there that there has been a lot of work done in the last two years.

A lot of work has also been done to make sure things still work similar and work well.

What would you like to see or how would you know things are different the way you want?

Originally Posted by Darren View Post
I know as new systems come out people work towards them, but when you get the likes of Dolphin that plays GC games decently and Wii U.

It makes me wonder why people dont work on older systems anymore given that hardware has come along way since so new things could be done to improve the emulator.

PCSXe is another, I find if plugins could be recoded to take advantage of todays hardware we could see improvements.
New developers do tend to go to new systems, but I have been working a long time on Project64.
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