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Originally Posted by squall_leonhart View Post
you have no idea what you're talking about.

compare the games with interpreter and you'll get some idea.
Why is it that after reading plenty of your posts both here and on other forum sites you seem to like complaining constantly about using recompiler instead of interpreter?

All i've done is posted my personal experiences about playing a couple of games. I am aware some games do run better with interpreter still and with various other tweaks to get a game running smoothly but still you practically make it sound like "Recompiler is the devil from hell and should be avoided at all costs" yet even after I tried interpreter and noticed no difference in ocarina of time, I did notice an immediate change in majora's mask when switching start menu screens I had speed issues but the moment i went back to recompiler no issues in those start menu's whatsoever.

How did an alpha tester named dsx! put it recently in another forum thread?

Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
if its so bad, you fucking fix it
I think that says it pretty much. If you think recompiler is so bad like he said then go fix it.
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