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I only started to read "portable app" on the USB era, since some developers advertised their apps by the slogan: "Put it on a USB and carry it with you everywhere so as not to interrupt your work" or something among those lines, I personally despise the damn Windows registry for many reasons, I was happy with the ini files back then, I don't needed the convoluted thing that the registry has become now. Because I like to have control of what an app do to my system...

It's a good idea, but there are approaches at emulation that don't need any per-ROM configuration at all and maintain complete compatibility with everything. For things like speed hacks or stuff like mixed or hybrid HLE then it sounds like a good idea to have per-game config, but I think that's a matter of personal approach.
Yes, its a very personal preference. Since I like to try various configurations, I don't want to screw up games that I already configured for the best experience possibly within my rig and it also ease the process of testing games too...

If I don't like the results of a configuration I just delete the test folder of the game I just created for that purpose and when I am happy with the results I rename the folder to the game's name and move it to another folder called "Final_dont_touch_ever_again " that I rarely ran configs tests again...

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