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There are a lot of people who agree to say PJ is the best N64 emulator, and RetroArch is a multiplatform wich gather the most part of other amulators console which was developped by now. There are other N64 cores on it but I am sure that PJ64 is the best one, and implement PJ64 on RetroArch would improve the emulation of a lot of games.

RetroArch just avoid us to change emulator for each console and so we can play with all consoles in a same platform, so putting PJ64 on retroArch I think it would be a great idea, Dolphin gamecube and wii emulator shared the core last year. I love PJ64 because I know this is the best emulator for N64, and RetroArch is available for a lot of OS.

I am not sure if PJ64 developers are keen on sharing the core or develop PJ in a future in another OS, but there are a lot of good projects as recalbox french developers who use RetroArch and other emulators to try to make the best OS multiplatform all in one gathering all best emulators in the same platform hence my question...


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