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Originally Posted by lag2012x View Post
I love this emulator, but to be perfect need this=

*The Updated GlideN64 plugin.
*I cant do rumble my xbox one controller.
*Donkey Kong 64 is my favourite game, please P64Team, fix the polygon tearing.

I hope you gonna read this.

1. Just grab the latest version of GLideN64 from github's release page.

After extracting it,place the plugin files into the Plugins/GFX directory of PJ64 where the Jabo and PJGlide are located.

2. Don't know what else to say but,maybe try specifically NRage 2.3c which has xinput modded into it,though it will not likely work for Xbox One so it would need another plugin mod.

3. The DK64 tearing (NTSC region at least) should be fixed,but if you know where to grab the code,you can use it when any given N64 emulator lacks the fix embedded.

Here is what I could grasp,I couldn't find a clear reply with the code directly,but I remember it being this.
The code is by Isotarge if you didn't already know.

Tearing Fix
8161963C 0000
8161963E 0000

And just in case my calculations were wrong,here is one below I figured out based on Isotarge's code which definitely is confirmed working from me finding and testing it lightly...

Alt Tearing Fix
80619632 0000
Smaller code with identical results.

Hope this helps well enough.
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