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Hello retroben,

I canít thank you enough for your guide, that was exactly what I needed. I honestly would never have been able to work that out on my own. I tried it out late last night but couldnít reply as I was already late getting to bed.

Itís definitely worked as Iím getting the double speed menu. I wasnít sure before-hand if Iíd notice anything as Iíd been on YouTube to watch 30FPS vs 60 videos and I couldnít tell the difference.

I loaded up a four player game, as thatís what we play, and just used a single player. It instantly felt smoother but I wanted to prove to myself that I wasnít just imagining an improvement, so I went back between the two settings a number of times, and I could tell by the menu speed each time whether the cheat was active or not.

Itís smoother for sure and when I reverted back to 30FPS I could notice juddering in the scenery when panning left/right which isnít apparent at 60. Iím not sure if I imagined it but the kart felt faster than normal when using a star but maybe that was an illusion created by the smoothness of the motion. Either way itís great.

When I get some time Iím going to try a single player game where Iíd imagine itíll showcase the improvement really well.

Iíd be interested in any settings youíd recommend just to make sure Iíve optimised everything as best as possible please. Iím not at home right now but from previous help I know Iíve got counter factor set to one as that helped to increase the game speed, and for some very odd reason that Iíll never understand I was told to select Fixed Audio Timing as without it the pickups allocation is weird, and lightnings are given out far too often. Selecting FAT definitely worked and now the pickups are given out as youíd expect depending on your position in the race. I canít remember any other settings right now or whether Iím using interpreter or recompiler.

Also, due to my appreciation of all the help Iíve received Iíve now become a donator via Patreon. However, when I load the game up it asks if I have a number to enter if Iím a supporter. Iíve only received a couple of emails from Patreon and havenít noticed a specific number to add. The best I could see was an invoice number but that didnít work, so when I load the game up I have to wait a while until that box clears itself before I can do anything. Iíve been onto Patreonís website in my account but still canít find a particular membership number or whatever to add to Project64.

Iíve got four friends coming over Tuesday and theyíre all massively excited, and weíre all in our 40s! We play on a 120Ē projector screen at 1080p, only ever Koopa Troopa Beach as itís the perfect track, and through more help Iíve received from this forum weíll be playing for the first time with wireless XBox One controllers. Our original controllers are so worn that using new XBox controllers is lovely, my mates are going to be blown away, and all now at 60FPS thanks to you.

Again, I canít thank you enough for your help, I really appreciate the time you took to write out that comprehensive guide.

Thank you retroben

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