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Menus are easy. I guessed you meant the 3-D intro and such, that would have been impressive.

And star wars abi wasn't one of the ucodes Azimer reversed to work in HLE audio so no speed-up there; I don't recall seeing the ucode decompiled for the 1964 Audio Plugin (hle) either.

And there is no working hle gfx except if you use Lemmy's Direct3D off of nemu.

So, it isn't easy.
Maybe the RSP recompiler should be used for rs, but since that in its self is still far from full speed, I think I would rather investigate into why RDP emulation is so slow! Figure out why z64gl is barely faster than Jabo's LLE but still not fast enough.

Sort of shame though, z64gl is only faster with threaded=0 in the conf which atm on pj2 can't be applied without putting it under the Screenshots dir
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