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Default WIP Ocarina of Time texture project - GlideN64 display error

First things first, hello everyone, I'm new as an official member of the forums (but has been lurking on occasion for years).

While this is an issue per se, I decided to not post it in the Project 64 - issues sub forums as it technically isn't an issue with Project 64 itself.

I have been working on a Ocarina of Time retexture project for a while now, and it's all coming along nicely. The project was put on a temporary standby a few years back when I updated Project 64 to, at that time, the latest version and it introduced texture loading issues with the GFX plugin I was using at that time and my motivation went out the window.

I Just recently updated to the latest P64 version (v2.3.2.202), so I could try get back to the texture project. After messing around with different GFX plugins and browsing these forums for suggestions I eventually found a suggestion to use the latest version of GlideN64 (rev.9818306).
Now, as I mentioned I've seen people recommend recent versions of GlideN64 on these forums, so I'm sure some of those members might have some insight with the plugin to some extend, so it is you I'm looking for.

You see, while the plugin fixed all the texture loading issues I previously had, it introduced a new, small, but still relatively annoying bug (at least when you want to test your textures in-game).

Let me show you:

Pay attention to the left side of Link's torso (and neck). For some reason my undershirt (neck) and tunic textures only apply to the left side of his torso and neck, when it is supposed to stretch all over his torso and neck. While I could normally ignore such a minor issue, it is fairly annoying when wanting to see the textures the way they're meant to be shown in game.

Any ideas and suggestions? Alternatives to GlideN64? (to my understanding it's a fairly bloated plugin)
I am using Project 64 v2.3.2.202 with GlideN64 rev.9818306. The game is Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time (E) (M3) (V1.1)
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