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hah, yes, 1.6 was the only one (including v1.0) I was not involved with up to release, but you did such a great job with Gent, maybe i should stay out of the next one 1.6 still seems very popular and that's with only some rdb updates. on the other hand, it's sad to see most of our "competitors" (i mean in a friendly way) seem to be gone - bye 1964, bye Nemu, hello Mupen.. just you, Mupen?) - now it seems even more that we're going on alone. could just be that i'm less concerned with the "scene" now (is there an N64 emulation scene now?!) and more concerned with getting Project64 finished.

anyone might think it's also the 2nd anniversary of the start of 1.7 - but Zilmar was already experimenting with rewrites before 1.6. (the amount of testing means major changes cannot be merged anywhere near a release). we may now be able to get that work into a release. maybe the next release will be more of a 2.0 than a 1.7. in that case, 1.6 stands as fitting end to the first half of the Project64 journey. if you want to get poetic. which i do.
and in terms of todo, 1.0 to 1.6 is only half of what we can do.

so before anyone asks when the next release will be, i will ask you simply: do you know how hard it is to make all this look easy? we're all doing the best we can, and we're older now and can't stay up every night talking for hours like the old days so the support of donators is vital to keep Zilmar going, so let's say thanks to all those people who helped at v1.4 and again have gone rummaging behind their virtual sofa cushions to find a few depreciated dollars for us to .. appreciate? .
let's hope we can keep together for another nice release, whenever it's done.

P.S. do i win Most sincere April 1st post ever award?
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