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Question Can I get surround sound from N64 games?

This question relates to both Project 64 and the tangible Nintendo 64.

I am buying a surround sound setup for my computer and are getting a surround sound setup for my TV, both of which will be 5.1 (with plans to upgrade from that).

I have read unclear answers online as to whether or not the N64 supports surround sound or what exactly a stereo to surround process will mean for an actual surround experience.

I use RGB SCART for my consoles which, when my parts arrive, will go through a high quality SCART switch (not a splitter) and get upscaled to 1080p60Hz HDMI, which will get upscaled on the HDR TV to 4K; I am not aware of any way the N64 could possibly output surround sound, but if it can, or if it's some kind of 'fake surround', what will it actually sound like in a surround setup?

Furthermore, with Project 64 it leaves more options for hacking and extracting more data from games and doing other things to enhance the playing experience; can surround sound work even better with an emulator and are there known hacks that can actually make surround sound work properly? By properly I mean if a sound source is behind the camera perspective, the back channels will play the sound.

Any information is greatly appreciated!
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