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Default N64 Surround Sound


Real Hardware (N64):

N64 had games that had full Dolby surround sound support. A friend of mine had had his N64 setup in the living room using a Dolby ProLogic setup/receiver. I know some Star Wars games natively support it as well as the Zelda games and a few of the Rareware games.

Project 64:

I don't know about the emu's capabilities. Specific plugins for audio may very well play a factor, but when done right for the games that support it the surround sound on REAL hardware is genuine. Of the little I heard back then of the following, Rogue Squadron blew my mind and Ocarina of Time was just as impressive. I hate The Water Temple, but the surrounding ambience seemed like it would have made it pretty cool.

You may have already read into it, but HERE is a discussion on surround sound capabilities for N64 (they also mention The Water temple) that lead into setting up surround on PC that may help getting surround out of the emu.

Another link HERE has a list of surround sound capable games as well as further discussion on getting surround sound out of the system today.

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